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Standard Product Sheet

Performance is dependent on load - see data sheet for detailed info

Electrical Interface with Local/Remote
Digital Panel Meter
Pulse Voltage and Current Monitors
Negative Polarity (-N), Positive Polarity (-P), Switchable Polarity (-PN)

M SERIES - Low Duty Cycle/Single Switch Pulsers (Fall Time a Function of Load RC)
These pulsers will operate into dynamic impedances or capacitive loads. Typical applications include piezo-electric drivers, electric fields in aqueous solutions, electric fields in a vacuum, beam steering, ion drivers, laser modulators, gas tube drivers, etc. Max widths are for high impedance loads, duty ~1%:

Model Amplitude Min Load Max Pulse Width Rep Rate
M1k-20-N or -P* 0.1-1 kV 100 ohms 1000 µs to 25 kHz data sheet
M3k-20-N or -P 0.5-3 kV 3000 ohms 1000 µs to 20 kHz data sheet
M5k-20-N or -P 0.5-5 kV 5000 ohms 1000 µs to 6 kHz data sheet
M10k-20-N or -P 0.5-10 kV 10k ohms 1000 µs to 3 kHz data sheet
M25k-50-N 1.5-25 kV 25k ohms 100 µs to 3 kHz data sheet
*Switchable Polarity Available By Special Request - Contact The Factory

C SERIES - High Duty Cycle, Drives Capacitive Loads with Fast Rise/Fall Times
These pulsers will operate into large capacitive loads with relatively fast rise and fall times. Main Switch charges load, Tail Biter discharges load. Pulsers may be ordered with baseline offsets, Load R > 500k, Duty > 50%. Pockels Cell Driver, beam steering, field enhancement, imaging, etc. Standard power supply 30 watts, larger supplies available and may be required to operate to switch rep rate limit.

Model Amplitude Load Pulse Width Rate Limit
C2k-20-P or -N 0.1-2 kV 500 pf 400 ns to dc to 15 kHz data sheet
C3k-20-P or -N 0.1-3 kV 500 pf 400 ns to dc to 15 kHz data sheet
C6k-20-P or -N 0.1-6 kV 500 pf 400 ns to dc to 15 kHz data sheet
C12k-20-P or -N 0.1-12 kV 100 pf 100 ns to dc to 10 kHz data sheet

F SERIES - Fast/Low Average Power/Single Switch/Dynamic Load Pulsers
Pulsers use a single planar triode switch: rise times ~50 to < 5 nanoseconds, duty cycle ~0.05%. Typical applications include: Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry, Pockels Effect Cell Driver, etc. Maximum pulse amplitude, current and duty cycle is a function of load. Standard high voltage supply 60 watts, larger supplies available.

Model Amplitude Pulse Current Pulse Width Rep Rate
F5k-5-02-P or -N 0.1 to 5 kV 5 amps 0.2 to 100 µs to 5 kHz data sheet
F5k-10-02-P or -N 0.1 to 5 kV 10 amps 0.2 to 100 µs to 2.5 kHz data sheet
F10k-10-02-P or -N 0.1 to 10 kV 10 amps 0.2 to 100 µs to 1 kHz data sheet

H SERIES - High Power Pulsers/Modulators
High power pulsers/modulators use hard tube switches and can operate to duty cycles as high as 10% in low impedance loads. All use external power supplies sized to operating requirements. Typical applications are grid drivers of large power tubes, materials research, chemical research, electron guns, etc.

Model Amplitude Impedance Pulse Width Rep Rate
H17k-500-N 2 to 17 kV 1000 ohms 5 - 100 µs to 250 Hz data sheet

Custom Products

High Voltage Switch Technologies
    Conventional Vacuum Tubes: Triodes, Tetrodes
    Planar Triodes
    Gas Tubes: Hydrogen Thyratrons, Mercury Ignitrons, Krytrons, Spark Gaps
    Mechanical: Mercury Wetted, Metal Contact
    Solid State: Power MOSFET's, IGBT's, SCR's

Pulse Forming Techniques

    Charged transmission lines
    Pulse amplifiers
    Pulse forming LC networks
    Capacitor banks
    Pulse transformers

Electrical Interface

    Pulse Amplitude Control (0 to 5 volts), remote High Voltage On/Off (TTL)
    GPIB available on custom units

Custom Pulsers
Some recent examples of HV Pulse custom pulser designs are:

    17 kV high current pulser for Ferroelectric research
    50 kV vacuum tube modulator for burst-mode vacuum gap emission studies
    5 kV Modulator for high power vacuum tube conditioning
    50 kV pulse amplitude with 50 kV DC bias for pulsed plasma chemistry
    40 kV rectangular pulse for cable fault testing
    10 kV fast rise time pulser for high voltage probe calibration
    40 kV modulator for Electron Gun
    66 kV Klystron Grid Modulator
    100 kV Marx Generator
    6 kV Pulser floating at 1,000 kV, Free Electron Laser
    6 kV Pulser floating at 100 kV, Klystron Modulator
    +/- 4 kV into 60 ohms, Bipolar Pulser used in tissue imagery

HV Pulse reserves the right to make changes to this specification at any time without notice. The information furnished in this specification is believed to be accurate; however, no responsibility is assumed for its use.

Limited Warranty on all products for one year.



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