Generateurs picosecondes, cellules de pockels  

Mesure et génération de signaux ultrarapides

Enregistrement, calibration et acquisition

Mesures alternatives de précision

Imagerie ultrarapide


DEI Products: Pulse Generators - Laser Diode Drivers - Digital Delay Generators - Pulsed Current Sources - Dielectric/Component Test Instruments - Power MOSFET Transistors
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DEI On-Line Product Catalog

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For assistance in determining the best DEI product for your application, see our Product Selection Guides

Our on-line product catalog features DEI's standard pulse generators, laser diode drivers, pulsed current sources and power MOSFET transistors. It does not include OEM and custom pulse generators, laser diode drivers and test instruments offered by DEI. For information on OEM or custom products, please contact DEI by phone, FAX, EMAIL, or through our on-line Information Request Form.

To view or download a four page brochure summarizing DEI's products and capabilities, CLICK HERE (PDF, 257KB).

Many of our data sheets and application notes are stored in Adobe's PDF (Portable Document Format). Adobe Acrobat PDF

To view the documents, you must have an Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) PDF reader (Version 3.0 or higher) installed on your computer. For more information on the PDF format, and links to download a reader, CLICK HERE

Product Selection Guides

The guides below list, by application, DEI products that are designed to meet the specific requirements typical of these applications:

High Voltage Time-Of-Flight Pulse Generators

Pulsed I-V, Semiconductor & Component Testing


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