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Mesure et génération de signaux ultrarapides

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Product Overview

Picosecond Pulse Labs manufactures a complete line of test equipment and components that are ideal for high-speed signal generation and measurement, accessorizing test equipment, or high-performance communication systems. Our line of Pulse Generators provide the world’s fastest rise times, and their calibration is traceable to national lab standards.

In addition, Picosecond provides a comprehensive line of test & measurement related modules (sampler technologies, edge compressors, impulse forming networks, baluns and transformers, ECL/PECL terminators, and trigger countdowns) that are designed to provide high quality broadband performance that maximizes the overall capabilities of your test system.

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The following table is an overview of our products, listed by function.

  • TDR/TDT Instruments
  • Sampler Technologies
  • Pulse Generators
  • Edge Compressors
  • Impulse Forming Networks
  • Baluns and Transformers
  • ECL/PECL Terminators
  • Trigger Countdown
  • Amplifiers & Drivers
  • Bias Tees
  • DC Blocks
  • Low-Pass Filters
  • Attenuators
  • Power Dividers & Pick-Off Tees



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